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KFC Trolls ‘Clean-Eating’ Bloggers in New Ad Campaign

Meet Figgy Poppleton-Rice, a blogger who is better than you

KFC, the company that forged the Double Down out of a cauldron of blubber and fire, is lampooning healthy-living bloggers and their followers with a hilarious new ad campaign in the UK. Please meet Figgy Poppleton-Rice, a “clean-eating fanatic” and “cauliflower connoisseur” who shares her impossibly easy healthy recipes and life hacks on Twitter, Instagram, and her blog. Here are a few of her recent hits:

Figgy is collaborating with KFC UK on a new creation that is guaranteed to help you live your best life:

It’s a well-known fact that KFC has the best ice cube relish around.

No word yet on whether this goofy bit of viral marketing is tied to any actual product launch, or if the fast-food company is just having a bit of fun. Stay tuned for more details on the Figgy-KFC collab as they become available.

KFC UK [Twitter]
Figgy Poppleton-Rice [Official]

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