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Taco Bell Is Taking the Naked Chicken Chalupa Off Its Menu

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Plus, other restaurant news to know today

Photo: Taco Bell/Facebook

• Sorry, dreamers: Less than a month after breaking the internet with the launch of its Naked Chicken Chalupa (aka “the taco with the fried chicken shell”), Taco Bell has announced its sunset, as planned. The stunt menu item will disappear from menus sometime in March, the OC Register reports, dashing the hopes held by many that Taco Bell would turn the previously announced “limited time offer” into a more permanent menu item. (“That’s one of the shortest limited-time offers I’ve ever seen by Taco Bell,” notes the Register’s Nancy Luna.) If you’re one of those diners wishing for consistent access to poultry taco shells, consider going the petition route, as diners have done on behalf of the Quesalupa and the Daredevil Ghost Pepper Griller.

UPDATE: A Taco Bell representative sends a vaguely promising statement from corporate: “The Naked Chicken Chalupa was always planned as a limited-time offer and because it has proven to be popular and exceeded expectations, we’re confident it will be returning to the menu in the future.”

• Starbucks’ admirable commitment to hiring 10,000 refugees, a policy that it enacted to some criticism earlier this year, has inexplicably fostered some “negative perceptions” of the chain. According to Buzzfeed, a recent survey showed that between the time period two days before the refugee announcement and now, there was a six percent dip in the percentage of consumers who reported “they’d consider buying from Starbucks the next time they wanted to buy coffee.”

• Ordering kiosks are getting creepier. QSR Magazine reports facial-recognition ordering might be on the horizon, with two stateside mini-chains now experimenting with the technology. At the kiosks, customers are asked if they’d like their orders saved into the system, with the option of doing so by photo — which is taken on the spot and entered into the restaurant’s POS.

• Celebrity chef Todd English has hit a speed bump in his comeback plan, pulling out of a major project in New York City’s Financial District.

• The Awl’s editor-in-chief Silvia Killingsworth spent a lot of time at Chili’s recently.

• “Sushi doughnuts” are now a thing.

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