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This Kale Bracelet Costs As Much As a MacBook

But it's for a really, really good cause

[Joan Hornig Jewelry]

Kale is so trendy right now that one jewelry designer in New York City decided to make a bracelet that resembles a stalk of the leafy green vegetable. It costs a whopping $1,400, but the cuff is fashioned out of 18K gold, and all of the proceeds — $500 — are going to the Recipe for Success Foundation, a charitable organization that helps kids learn to grow and eat healthy foods. If your’e not a huge kale fan, Joan Hornig Jewelry is also selling romaine-shaped bracelets (also $1,400), mushroom earnings ($325), and cauliflower cufflinks ($375). According to an announcement about this line, the first pieces were all snatched up at an event in New York City last night, but “items can be ordered by contacting the Foundation.”
Recipe for Success Foundation [Official]
Joan Hornig Jewelry Announcement [Official]

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