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Say ‘I Do’ Between Chalupa Bites at the Taco Bell Wedding Chapel

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It’s time to get married — is Taco Bell still open? 

Taco Bell, America’s favorite purveyor of Fourth Meal, is gearing up to offer a full service wedding package at its tricked-out new Las Vegas location. Starting this summer [Update: August 7 is the kick-off date], guests will be able to order a $600 wedding bundle at the company’s Cantina flagship, which will include a ceremony with an ordained official on the restaurant’s second floor chapel, as well as a reception for up to 15 guests, plus a bunch of branded-merchandise like Champagne glasses, T-shirts, and a bouquet and garter belt combo made of hot sauce packets. The wedding of your ironic dreams can take place a mere four hours after placing an order for this package at the Taco Bell counter. Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

The fast-food company recently ran a contest wherein customers shared videos about their significant others on social media for a chance to win a free wedding at this Las Vegas Cantina outpost of the chain, which, unlike most locations, serves booze and has a DJ booth.

The Chalupa-slingers at Taco Bell decided to announce this wedding package on Valentine’s Day, a holiday that chain restaurants love to celebrate with goofy stunts. White Castle offers reservations and table service on February 14, and this year, Burger King is also made an attempt at cashing in on the holiday with its adult-themed happy meal at its locations in Israel.
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