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This Sexy Burger King Meal Contains an ‘Adult Toy’

It’s a sexy Whopper Valentine's deal for two

Burger King Adults Meal Box
Oh no.
Burger King

Sexy foods — or, at least, foods deemed as sexy by couples desperate to spice up their love lives — include chocolate-covered strawberries, filet mignon, and raw oysters. The sexy foods list does not include the Whopper, Burger King’s menu centerpiece. No one eats a Whopper and thinks, “Oh, yeah, let’s dim the lights,” unless they’re going down for a nap to sleep off a stomachache.

Well, BK, the same company that thought Whopper-scented air fresheners were a good idea, wants to change this unsexy perception with its new “Adults Meal,” which seems to be a grown-up, salacious version of a kids’ meal. It’s a package made for two, according to AdWeek, and the chain hopes it will inspire lovers to unite their bodies as one.

The meal, available at Burger King’s Israel locations, reportedly comes with two Whoppers, two orders of fries, and two beers — presumably because one might need a little buzz to feel frisky after consuming fast food. To seal the deal, each box contains an “adult toy.” These Adults Meals are available only on Valentine’s Day after 6 p.m., and customers must be 18 years old to purchase. Hopefully this marketing gimmick will not inspire a legion of George Costanza-esque deviants who like to merge sex and beef consumption into one act.

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