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Burritos Are Sandwiches, and More Maddening Food Classifications

The government has some kooky ideas about your favorite foods

After countless heated debates, food lovers across the internet still cannot agree on whether or not a hot dog should be considered a sandwich. It’s got a bun, like a sandwich, and yet it’s always hinged and opened at the top, which are traits that you don’t always associate with sandwiches. But there is perhaps a greater question we should be asking ourselves: Can you call a burrito a sandwich?

According to the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, hot dogs and burritos are both considered sandwiches. The latter food item falls in the sandwich bucket because the tortilla makes it a “wrap,” and the NY state government believes that wraps are sandwiches. It’s unclear whether that means that tacos and taco salads — like this monstrosity — are also considered sandwiches.

Check out the video from the Great Big Story team for more on the confusing ways that the government classifies sandwiches and other sandwich-like things.

A Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich. A Burrito Is. [YouTube]

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