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Smoky Brisket and Ribs on a Remote Wind Farm In Hawaii

'Dining on a Dime' heads to Hi-BBQ on the northern tip of Oahu for meat and ocean views

In this episode of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson hits up Hi-BBQ, a food truck serving up Memphis-style barbecue on a remote wind farm on the northern tip of Oahu. The location isn’t necessarily convenient, but the views alone are worth the trip.

The truck is owned by Cove Pontin and Kate Neville. Although they’re both originally from the mainland, they met in Oahu and have put down roots there. A food truck was an obvious choice: Neville studied under classically-trained chefs, and Pontin already had the truck, thanks to a spur-of-the-moment bet at an auction.

The pair work together on recipe development, and everything is cooked in a smoker that Pontin engineered from a "bunch of ideas he pirated off the internet." Expect to find classic barbecue fare: pulled pork, brisket, pineapple sausage (served with pineapple), and pork ribs. The beer is free, because according to Neville, "it’s not legal to sell beer, but you can give it away."

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