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A New Documentary Tells the Story of ‘Bionic Chef’ Eduardo Garcia

After a near-death experience, the chef found a new direction in life

A new documentary chronicling the near-death experience and rehabilitation of Montana-based chef Eduardo Garcia is making its debut at the Santa Barbara Film Festival tonight. Back in 2011, Garcia — a former yacht chef who launched a Bozeman, MT food company called Montana Mex — almost died when he got shocked by a 2400-volt power line while on a hike out in the wilderness. He was taken to a trauma center where doctors had to remove portions of his arm, torso, and skull to keep him alive.

The chef’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Jane, flew to the hospital and became his caregiver for the next several months. Midway through his rehabilitation, Garcia also received the news that he had been diagnosed with Stage 2 testicular cancer. Garcia eventually beat the cancer and learned to use his bionic arm to do many of the things he did before the accident — including work around the kitchen. Since his rehabilitation, Garcia has appeared on a number of TV shows, and he has branched out into public speaking.

The new film, Charged, covers his life before and after the accident, incorporating candid footage that Jane filmed during his rehabilitation. Director Phillip Baribeau partially financed the film via funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign. Check out the full trailer above.

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