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Watch: These Shrimp Tacos and Mole Tortas in Philly Are Some of the Best in the Country

‘Dining on a Dime’ checks out El Compadre

South Philly’s Ninth Street Market started off predominantly Italian, dating to a late-19th-century boarding that serviced just-settled Italian immigrants. The area became a hub of Italian and Italian-American culture, and remains abundant to this day.

Lately, however, the area has become increasingly diverse. Hispanic and Latino influences have especially taken hold, and you’re now as likely to head to Ninth Street for carne asada as you are for cannoli. In this episode of Dining on a Dime, Lucas Peterson checks out the offers at El Compadre, the new home base of Cristina Martinez and Ben Miller, who are behind the much-acclaimed (but now-closed) South Philly Barbacoa. The slow-cooked lamb is what made the duo famous famous, but at El Compadre it’s a shame to skip on other specialties like shrimp tacos, moles, and guisados, or meat stews.

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