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Melania Trump Visits Popular Texas Chain Whataburger

The First Lady has better choice in fast food than her husband

Melania photo: NurPhoto/Getty; Whataburger photo: Buyenlarge/Getty

Although she’s been photographed digging into a bowl of diamonds with a fork and discussing sugary cakes with the Pope, the world still knows very little about what First Lady Melania Trump actually likes to eat. This week, however, the FLOTUS made a dining choice that suggests that she shares her husband’s love of fast food.

While visiting Hurricane Harvey victims in Corpus Christi, Texas, Melania and Karen “My Husband Calls Me Mother” Pence stopped at a location of Whataburger where they ordered fries and... possibly something else to eat. The exact details of their order remain a mystery. But this was a smart choice for lunch, especially if they wanted to win some goodwill with the people of Texas.

Founded in 1950, Whataburger is arguably the most popular fast-food restaurant in the Lone Star state. Many of the locations of this privately owned restaurant group have vintage orange A-frames, a motif that is also reflected in the brand’s logo. The bun and burger patties are slightly bigger than what you find at many fast-food places, and the chain serves a proprietary ketchup to accompany its fries. Whataburger has over 800 outposts in 10 states, but the vast majority of these restaurants are in Texas, and the original location is a historical landmark. The restaurant makes several cameos on Mike Judge’s comedy King of the Hill, which is set in a fictional Texas town.

Whether or not the choice was intentional, Melania definitely dined at restaurant that’s a cultural touchstone for many Texans. If the FLOTUS enjoyed her meal, perhaps she can convince the White House kitchen to concoct replicas of the chain’s Chorizo Burgers or Whatachick’n sandwiches. The staff there already has some experience making Big Mac knock-offs for the POTUS.

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