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Watch: This Fried Chicken Is Backed by the House of Representatives

Visiting Mary Mac’s Tea Room on ‘Cult Following’

In Atlanta, Mary Mac’s Tea Room is the place locals go to get their fried chicken fix. Mary Mac’s has been a Southern mainstay since the 1940s, when a four sisters opened a tea room — the establishments women ran during the war in order to make money for their families. Now it’s over 70 years old, and devotees gush about Mary Mac’s unwavering consistency.

This episode of Cult Following shows that the Mary Mac’s craze even extended to the state’s House of Representatives. In March 2011, the Georgia House passed Resolution 477, which officially declared the restaurant as Atlanta’s Dining Room — confirming what fans of Mary Mac’s fried chicken, grits, hush puppies, and famous sweet tea already knew.

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