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Bangkok’s First-Ever Michelin Guide Is Here

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Street food stall Jay Fai, known for crab omelets, gets one Michelin star

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Jay Fai’s phad kee mao
Photo: LightRocket via Getty Images
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

It’s finally here: For the first time, Michelin, the French tire company that moonlights as a dining guide, announced stars for Bangkok, Thailand. There are just 17 starred restaurants in Bangkok, including 14 locations with one star and three with two stars. No Bangkok restaurants have three stars. The list is small — especially for a city with a population of more than 8 million people. (The 2016 inaugural guide to Singapore, a smaller city, featured 29 restaurants, and the comparatively minuscule Macau, has 18 Michelin-starred restaurants this year.)

Since Michelin announced plans for the guide earlier this year, many have wondered whether it would represent the the full diversity of Bangkok’s dining scene, including the city’s world-famous street food. The inaugural guide doesn’t completely disappoint — one street food vendor made it into the starred selections. Jay Fai, known for crab omelets and curries, joins Singapore hawker Chan Hon Meng in the tiny club of chefs with Michelin-starred street food. Further distinguishing Jay Fai from Michelin’s usual picks: Jay Fai is a woman.

Six restaurants among the single-star selections serve Thai fare, including Eater 38 member Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin. There’s also one sushi place on the list (Sushi Ginza Ichi), an American tasting menu restaurant (Upstairs at Mikkeller), and five selections that offer mostly French, European cuisine.

As expected, Gaggan, chef Gaggan Anand’s innovative Indian tasting menu restaurant, makes its Michelin debut with two stars. The restaurant — which Anand has already announced he plans to close in 2020 — currently holds the top spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Eater 38 member Le Normandie at the Mandarin Oriental also appears in the two-star category, as does Mezzaluna, which serves “European cuisine executed with Japanese precision,” practically making it a shoe-in for stars, given Michelin’s noted preference for European and Japanese fine dining.

Check out the press release and complete list of Bangkok’s Michelin stars below: