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Watch Astronauts Make Pizza in Zero Gravity

Because Domino’s doesn’t deliver to the International Space Station

In November 2000, the Expedition 1 crew began the first long-duration stay on the International Space Station. Now, in perhaps an even bigger breakthrough, astronauts on the ISS are making pizzas in zero gravity and documenting the results on film. Isn’t science amazing?

While pizza in space (that should be a full-length motion picture) sounds exciting, these pies don’t actually look all that appetizing. They’re cooked in a briefcase-like-oven, as opposed to a pizza oven at 800 degrees. That’s just not going to produce a good bake. Although, what is lacking in the flavor and texture department is made up for by the fact that the pizzas are floating around in a weightless environment. It’s nearly impossible to find a pizzeria that offers this type of ambiance back on Earth.

Hopefully, for the astronauts’ sake, all this talk of intergalactic pizza doesn’t draw the attention of a notorious half-man, half-pizza gangster who has been known to rob innocent victims of their spacebucks.

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