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Watch: Warm, Freshly Baked Walnut Pastries Are a Korean Favorite

Red bean-filled treats on ‘The Process’

Cocohodo is an international bakery chain that focuses solely on hodu-gwaja — more commonly known as walnut pastries, walnut cookies, or walnut cakes. Walnut pastries originated in Cheonan, South Korea some 100 years ago, and have since become an ever-popular street snack, particularly around the colder months when a warm, freshly baked hodu-gwaja is at its best.

On this episode of The Process, a look at the rapidly moving assembly line at Cocohodo in Carrollton, Texas. A large machine that bakes and flips each individual hodu-gwaja has hundreds of molds that will give the pastry its walnut shape. Each petit sweet starts as a dough that’s made of skinned and pounded walnuts and wheat flour, before a piece of walnut and a rich and sweet red bean mousse are filled in.

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