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LeBron James Has Learned to Love Wine

Plus, what would happen if you stuffed a chile pepper in your eye?

Lebron James in May 2016
  • USA Today has the heartwarming story of how basketballer LeBron James came to love wine even though his daughter said that expensive bottles “tasted like rocks.” Oh, he’s also on a trip to Napa Valley to indulge this week.
  • Wonder what it would feel like it you stuffed a chile pepper into your eye? Digg has the answer (hint: It would be painful).
  • A Pyongyang restaurateur (who was once the chef for former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il) is complaining that new sanctions against the country will make it difficult to access foreign fish.
  • You’ve heard of food deserts (urban areas with poor access to grocery stores), now the Atlantic wants you to know about food swamps — areas laden with fast-food chains and relatively few grocery options.
  • The high forecast in Boston is a miserable 12 degrees today, yet the Globe swears that people in the city will still be purchasing iced coffee.
  • Could the job of brewer go the way of the travel agent and the elevator operator? Probably not yet, but Carlsberg and Microsoft say they’ve developed sensors that can analyze flavor differences in beer, and that might reduce the development time for new brews.
  • Purveyor of chicken and biscuits Bojangles’ is on the hook for a $15,000 penalty following a discrimination complaint from a transgender woman who was ordered multiple times to present herself in a more masculine way.
  • Bloomberg declares bread to be its dish of the year for 2017, and some of the reasoning appears to be that billionaire customers at Joël Robuchon’s Las Vegas restaurant like it.
  • Here’s a list of five possible candidates for the currently-open CEO job at Chipotle — all of them have experience at chains like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Domino’s.
  • Starbucks is at it again with festive drinks: This time, it’s the Black and White Mocha trio, which is apparently meant to resemble a black-tie outfit with the addition of shiny chocolate sprinkles on top. The drink itself looks more like a besuited person at 5 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

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