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The Washington Post Panned Bojangles’ Biscuits and a North Carolina Senator Is Outraged

Thom Tillis is furious over a taste test that declared them almost as bad as Burger King's

These are not Bojangles’ biscuits.
Lucas Richarz/Flickr

A North Carolina senator feels his home state has been slighted by the Washington Post, and he’s not going to stand for it. The contentious topic at hand: biscuits.

The WaPo recently published a ranking of fast-food biscuits, and many Southerners found the results of the blind taste-test shocking: McDonald’s came in first place, besting beloved regional chain Bojangles’ Famous Chicken and Biscuits, which came in second-to-last place ahead of only Burger King. “So many carbs, so little flavor,” one taste-tester said of Bojangles’ biscuit.

This didn’t sit well with Thom Tillis, the junior U.S. senator from North Carolina, who took to Twitter to defend his hometown hero (Bojangles’ was founded in Charlotte in the 1970s), WRAL reports. According to Tillis, the WaPo’s testers need to have their tastebuds examined:

And while the tweet elicited eyerolls from some of Tillis’s constituents — one wrote, “You will not do any meaningful bipartisan legislation but you will comment on biscuits. Bless your heart” — it seems Bojangles’ is thankful for the support. If not for those pesky ethics rules, Tillis would likely have a lifetime supply of free biscuits headed his way.

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