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Introducing the Restaurants of the Year in Eater Cities

From perfect pasta in Venice Beach to crudo at DC’s most exciting opening

A raw fish dish accented by coconut milk, red onion, and cured squash at Himitsu in D.C.
Rey Lopez/Eater DC
Missy Frederick is the Cities Director for Eater.

The Eater Awards celebrate the restaurants, chefs, and projects that truly made their mark across cities in 2017. One of the most prestigious categories is Restaurant of the Year, which highlights that one destination that defined the dining scene in a particular city this calendar year.

What do those places look like across the country? In Austin, it’s somewhere like Kemuri Tatsu-ya, which brings together the Texas upbringing and the Japanese roots of its ownership team (also behind beloved noodle house Ramen Tastu-ya). Charleston saw something truly unique and quirky in the arrival of Bar Normandy, a destination that can feel like a casual gathering, a fine-dining restaurant experience, and a fabulous dinner party all in one. Meanwhile, Himitsu has turned into something truly special in Washington, D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood, a cozy restaurant that still can convince customers to wait for hours for its refined, playful, Asian-influenced dishes. And Philadelphia’s show-stopper arguably isn’t a restaurant at all: Palizzi Social Club is a private dinner club just about everyone is dying to get into these days.

Learn more about each city’s choice below — Eater will continue to update this post as additional profiles roll in across cities.






Annette at Stanley Marketplace is Eater Denver’s Restaurant of the Year.
Jonathan Phillips





Los Angeles



The grain bowl from Tusk in Portland.
Lyudmila Zotova/EPDX

Portland, OR

San Diego

Twin Cities

Washington, D.C.