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Every Time José Andrés Took Aim at Trump in 2017

The two may have settled their lawsuits, but the chef’s colorful tweets are still in full force

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for American Express Platinum

Two influential men have been locked in a battle of words and wills for the better part of two years: Washington, D.C.-based chef, all-around superhero, and Eater Icon of the Year José Andrés and President Donald Trump may have put their legal conflict behind them earlier this year, but the men continue to clash publicly.

The feud between the chef and the politician first erupted back in mid-2015, shortly after Trump announced he was running for president. After he made disparaging remarks about immigrants on the campaign trail, infamously referring to them as “rapists” and “murderers,” Andrés announced he was abandoning plans to open a restaurant inside the Trump International Hotel in D.C., leading to a series of back-and-forth lawsuits.

When Trump and Andrés’s teams reached a settlement in April 2017, Andrés responded on Twitter, writing: “Happy to put this chapter behind us, a win-win for both sides and now time to focus on the issues that matter.”

In the eight months since that settlement, Andrés has made clear his stance on matters including politics, FEMA, immigration, and public health via Twitter, where he’s called out a number of issues related to the administration, including Trump’s non-response to the destruction Hurricane Maria wage on Puerto Rico in September. Here now, all of the times Andrés took aim at Trump on Twitter in 2017:

1. In January, after both men were deposed for the lawsuit, Andrés boasted about his depo running longer than Trump’s:

2. Just two weeks after the settlement in April, Andrés once again weighed in on Trump’s immigration policies, calling on Trump’s daughter Ivanka to push for immigration reform:

3. In mid-April — and likely in response to proposed budget cuts to Meals on Wheels, a program designed to deliver meals to people unable to purchase or prepare meals for themselves — Andrés encouraged Trump to support the program:

4. In August, Andrés voiced his distaste for Trump’s response to the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia:

5. On November 5, he poked at Trump’s frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago in Florida while once again calling for immigration reform:

6. Later that day, the chef called out Trump’s efforts at koi-feeding while in Japan:

7. Andrés had harsh words for the president in mid-November following the release of three UCLA basketball players detained for allegedly shoplifting in China:

8. On the day Trump’s Twitter account was briefly shut down by a rogue Twitter employee, Andrés had this to say:

9. On Thanksgiving, Andrés attempted to re-classify his position toward Trump:

10. More recently, Andrés expressed relief at pulling out of the restaurant deal in Trump’s D.C. hotel:

11. And over the Christmas holiday, Andrés criticized Trump’s pride in “being able to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again”:

12. But there’s no topic that’s drawn more ire from Andrés than the Trump administration’s subpar response to the Hurricane Maria disaster. Andrés and his organization World Central Kitchen traveled to Puerto Rico and has provided 3 million meals following Hurricane Maria to date, efforts Andrés says were necessary given the lack of government help:

... And of course, the chef commented on Trump’s brief post-Maria visit to Puerto Rico, during which the president was criticized for tossing paper towels into a crowd: