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Watch: How Chocolate Hazelnut Croissants Are Made

At Miami’s B Bistro & Bakery, laminated dough

At Miami’s B Bistro & Bakery, croissants — possibly the most familiar French accompaniment to coffee — can arrive in eye-catching versions like charcoal dulce de leche, baklava, and guava and cheese. But B Bistro also makes more-familiar versions, like the chocolate hazelnut croissant captured during this episode of The Process.

The bakery makes more than 400 croissants per day, turning massive bowls of dough into flaky pastry after several runs through a laminator, which presses alternating layers of butter and dough together (while baking, water in the butter evaporates and creates stream, making the air pockets nestled in between layers of dough). Before baking, each cut croissant gets a generous piece of Nutella in the middle before being baked and topped with chopped hazelnuts.

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