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Jack in the Box’s $4.20 Combo Deal Is Pure Stoner Pandering

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Too bad nobody’s ever been so high it made them want to eat Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box’s Merry Munchie Meal
Jack in the Box/Merry Jane

San Diego-based burger chain Jack in the Box is leaning into California’s impending legalization of marijuana, pairing with a Snoop Dogg–affiliated media company to launch a “merry munchie meal,” at the unsurprising price of $4.20.

Jack in the Box has paired with weed news site Merry Jane (hence the meal’s name) to stuff curly fries, onion rings, tacos, five mini churros, three chicken strips, and a drink into one greasy cardboard box, hoping to lure the red-eyed masses into thoughtlessly inhaling this hodgepodge of carbs.

But it’s perhaps more of a marketing gimmick than something truly novel for the chain: If one looks at the Merry Munchie Meal alongside Jack in the Box’s pre-existing “regular” Munchie Meals, it’s not really apparent which one is the meal intended for high folks, and which is for the normals. Both feature an overwhelmingly brown assortment of predominantly deep-fried wares. Perhaps surprisingly, the stoner version is the only Munchie Meal not to incorporate cheese into its offerings, despite the dairy product’s status as catnip for the bud-afflicted.

One of these is apparently for stoners
While the other is not

To begin with, the special box will only be available at three Long Beach locations (it’s Snoop Dogg’s hometown).

According to Bloomberg, “legal weed may be just the thing to help [Jack in the Box] regain some buzz,” which seems a little presumptuous, given that a fairly wide range of fast food offerings beyond Jack in the Box also appeal to those under the influence of marijuana, though the chain is one of the first to actively market towards people with munchies. In any case, a hefty box of fried stuff for $4.20 is an okay deal.

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