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Martha Stewart Had a Four-Ham Holiday Party

The media mogul doesn’t mess around when it comes to feeding her guests pork

The week before Christmas is a very special time for Martha Stewart. As she explains in this clip from Late Night With Seth Meyers, the publishing/television titan woke up at 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning to bake literally one thousand cookies to bring to her granddaughter’s school, where she taught the class how to decorate gingerbread men. It snowed recently, so Martha spent four hours plowing the road on the farm where she lives. And then, of course, she hosted an epic holiday party with no less than four different varieties of ham.

YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers

“We had an ibérico ham, we had a La Quercia ham from the Midwest — they eat only acorns, the pigs, and it’s such a delicious ham,” she tells Meyers in the clip above. “We had a country hame from the Loveless motel down in Nashville... and we had a Pat LaFrieda ham.” Apparently the hams were such a hit that Martha didn’t have any leftovers. “I don’t even have a hambone — I don’t know who took the bones, I want the bones” she says. Stewart also offers one holiday party tip for guests: you don’t need to bring presents for the host. “You should see my front hall, so many presents,” she says. “And I’m kind of embarrassed because I don’t need anything.”

Later in the program, Martha, Seth, and bartender Nico de Soto mixed up some holiday cocktails:

And, before Martha appeared on stage, Late Night’s occasional band leader Fred Armisen told Seth about his new cookbook, which will only include recipes made from Jurassic Park-style amber:

Late Night With Seth Meyers [YouTube]