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Announcing New Travel Editor, Executive Editor, and Director of Strategy at Eater

Also, we’re hiring!

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Here, now, some exciting hiring news from inside Eater:

First up: we have a Travel Editor. Eater may seem like a food and dining publication, but it’s also very much a travel resource. With domestic and international on the ground recommendations from locals and immersive and award winning packages and writing, it’s a go-to resource for restaurant-obsessed travelers. And with our first-ever dedicated Travel Editor, Lesley Suter, it’s going to get that much better. Suter, a massive talent, was the longtime and Beard award-winning food editor of LA Mag and started here on December 4. Send her your pitches at (but no parachute journalism or stories connected to your vacation).

Meanwhile, Matt Buchanan, the Features Editor here at Eater for almost two years, will step into the role of Executive Editor on January 1. Buchanan is a wildly talented editor and storyteller but also has a mind for news, big picture packages, tone, and visual storytelling, and has a vision for the next phase of Eater. As Executive Editor, he’ll oversee all content appearing on and will collaborate with the leaders of our social, video, city teams. Before Eater, he was the co-editor of the Awl and a staffer of The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, and Gizmodo. We’re hiring his replacement here.

Finally, Sonia Chopra, Eater’s longtime Managing Editor, is now our Director of Editorial Strategy. In addition to overseeing operations, communications, and budgets, she’ll also guide all engagement and off-platform work as well as special projects (hello new PBS show) and will play a role in all strategic decision-making.

In other Eater masthead news: Milly McGuinness is our new Engagement Editor; Meghan McCarron is our first-ever Special Correspondent; and Stephen Pelleterri joined us last month as Supervising Producer.

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