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Arby’s Is Surprising Carnivores With ‘Meat Sweats’ This Holiday Season

Dunkin’ Donuts gets into beer making, plus more food news from around the globe

  • To cap off a year full of fast food attire, Arby’s is giving away “meat sweats” to people who share photos and videos of their favorite meat feasts on social media. These garments are not for sale, but if you want a chance to score some sandwich filling-inspired garments, use #meatsweats on your tweets and ‘grams.
  • A bunch of passionate poutine lovers in Quebec insist that the comfort food delicacy is not a Canadian dish, but rather a distinctly Quebecois creation. A self-described “poutinologist” by the name of Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet has written an academic paper on the origins and etymology of this dish and has become a local expert on the subject. “Like Céline Dion, poutine was once mocked and underappreciated in Quebec,” Fabien-Quellet tells the Times. “Now that poutine has become an international superstar, Canadians want to say it is theirs, but it is not.”
  • Vegan/paleo/gluten-free frozen food line Daily Harvest just raised $43 million in funding, with backing from Bobby Flay, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Serena Williams. Flay is really leaning into this new venture, telling Fortune: “I’m so impressed with Daily Harvest’s quality and approach to good living and healthful eating that I literally begged the founders to let me invest.”
  • Anthony Bourdain was the speaker at the Culinary Institute of America’s graduation ceremony this week:
S6:E8 Multiverse

The basic idea behind the Multiverse Theory is that there are an infinite number of Universes outside our own that follow the same laws of physics but have different configurations. What does this mean? It means that everything you have ever thought, every decision you’ve made or not made, any possibility you’ve dreamt of is, in a parallel reality, happening or has happened. What would have happened if Danny never left Oklahoma, or was not adopted at all? Instead of looking at life as a series of “what ifs,” the lens of the multiverse allows us to see a reality with infinite possibilities and infinite selves. In this, Danny is still an orphan, and is not an orphan, he opens a Chinese bakery, he grows up in Korea, and he is even a puppet. Follow the Mind of a Chef: The Series to stay up-to-date!

Posted by Mind of a Chef: The Series on Monday, December 18, 2017