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Jimmy Kimmel Accuses Clothing Brand of Ripping Off Pasta Shirts

Did Reformation steal this design from the late night host’s daughter?

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Katie Kimmel; Reformation

Jimmy Kimmel is crying “copycat” on ultra-hip apparel brand Reformation, which, the late night host believes, stole a design from his 26-year-old fashion designer daughter, Katie. The younger Kimmel has a red shirt for sale on her website with the words “linguine and clams” printed across the front, while Reformation just released a line of white tees bearing the words “cacio e pepe,” “al dente,” and “spaghetti pomodoro.” Kimmel took to Twitter yesterday to point out the similarities:

Although the concepts are sort of similar, the lettering, words, and colors are definitely different. It’s also not such a brilliant fashion concept to being with — people dig wearing shirts that rep their favorite foods and restaurants, and everyone loves pasta.

The $25 linguine shirt is listed as “sold out” on Katie Kimmel’s homepage, and Reformation currently has a wait list running for its $38 carb-centric tees. But if you want a garment that proclaims your love of pasta without all the fashion-world drama, you can always nab this nifty tee from Brooklyn chef Missy Robbins, or this other shirt that was featured on Master of None. Or just write “I like to eat pasta” on a white t-shirt with a Sharpie and call it a day.

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