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Iconic NYC Diner Makes Cameo in ‘Ocean’s 8’ Trailer

Plus, Martha Hoover and Alex Stupak discuss how to prevent harassment, and more news

  • New York City’s 24-hour Ukrainian diner Veselka makes a cameo in the new Ocean’s 8 trailer.
  • Chefs and restaurateurs, including Martha Hoover and Alex Stupak, discuss how they prevent sexual harassment in their restaurants today. Hoover, who worked in the sex crimes unit in the Indianapolis prosecutor’s office, mandates weeks long culture training in her restaurants.
  • Influential California chef Jeremiah Tower didn’t stand for sexual harassment in his kitchen. A former Stars employee posted a 1993 memo from the chef advising staff that they “must refrain from any touching that might be misinterpreted.”
  • Quelle suprise: These big-deal New York French chefs are pals in real life. Watch Eric “Mr. Zen” Ripert, Jacques “Willy Wonka” Torres, Jean-Georges “JG” Vongerichten, and Daniel “The Papa” Boulud talk about bonding over food and being French in the 80s.
  • Twitter user @Twilight_Alexx wrote a thread about the time she worked as a restaurant server and stepped in when she saw parents withholding food from their kids. It has a very happy ending.
  • Weed wine is here. The cannabis-infused, alcohol-free wine won’t get you drunk, but will prevent hangovers.
  • The new The Lord of the Rings Wines will get you drunk — on Aragorn (a red blend), Galadriel (a Bordeaux blanc), Frodo (an Old Vine Zinfandel), or Gandalf (a Pinot Noir).
  • Vanity Fair got a wine expert to weigh in on Trump Wines. On the 2015 Trump Meritage: "Welch’s grape jelly with alcohol. A terrible, fumy, alcoholic nose. If I served you that on an airline you’d be mad.”
  • The latest in grocerants: Kroger opened its first restaurant adjacent to a store in Union, Kentucky. Kitchen 1883 serves “new American comfort food.”
  • Campbell’s and Hershey both made big acquisitions this week. Campbell Soup is buying snack company Snyder's-Lance for $4.87 billion, and Hershey announced plans to buy SkinnyPop's parent, Amplify, for $1.6 billion.
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s requires that employees destroy every animatronic Charles Entertainment Cheese head when a store closes or the robot band becomes obsolete. A rep for the company says in Atlas Obscura, “Even if the head is past its useful life, our practice is to take all of the parts off the head, so we salvage the nose and the ears and some of the other parts.”

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