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KFC Served Tiny Food From a Miniature Pop-Up This Weekend

Plus, Chick-fil-A fed stranded passengers in Atlanta, and more food news

KFC’s tiny fried chicken
Photo: Bistro Miniature
  • KFC is hopping on the tiny food trend. The brand released its own tiny food video and served $5 fill-up boxes one-twelfth their normal size. The miniature meals, complete with tiny fried chicken bits, minuscule mashed potatoes, and itty-bitty biscuits, were free at a one-day pop-up in Portland, Oregon.
  • Meanwhile, KFC in Japan released a low-smell fried chicken so that subway riders don’t disturb their fellow passengers as they transport KFC to Christmas parties. Called “Fried Chicken Home Type,” it’s only available at the KFC inside the Shinjuku subway station in downtown Tokyo.
  • For maybe the first time, Chick-fil-A opened on a Sunday to provide food to stranded passengers after a blackout at the Atlanta airport.
  • Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy cereals will hit Walmart store shelves December 26.
  • Jen Agg, Toronto restaurateur and author of I Hear She’s a Real Bitch, met with Anthony Bourdain to discuss sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. No word yet on when and where people can see it.
  • Pope Francis celebrated his birthday with a 13-foot, rectangular pizza adorned with a single, white candle.
  • Donald Trump Jr. marked his 40th birthday with a giant chocolate chip cookie emblazoned with a poor rendition of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster. As comedian W. Kamau Bell notes, “Voldemort was less obsessed with Harry Potter than the Trumps are with Obama.”
  • One of America’s best cooking schools closed suddenly last week. L’Academe de Cuisine, which counts chefs Carla Hall and Aaron Silverman among its graduates, shut down its professional campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Friday. Recreational classes at its Bethesda campus are expected to continue through the end of the year.
  • Manufacturing equipment formerly owned by failed juicing startup Juicero is being auctioned off.
  • UK pizza chain Pizza Express has been accused of punishing employees by taking money from their paychecks. It’s legal in the UK for companies to deduct up to 10 percent of pay for shortfalls, but unions are calling for an end to the practice.
  • A London cheese festival is the latest food event to draw comparisons to the Fyre Festival disaster. Attendees say the Giant Cheese Board promised mulled wine, a fireplace, and unlimited cheese, including a giant wheel of camembert, but all they got was a some British cheese cubes, cold wine, and the image of a fire projected onto a screen in the parking lot.
  • Here’s how to make porg chops — that is, pork chops that look like the adorable scene-stealing gerbil-penguins from The Last Jedi.

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