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Subway Is Bringing Back the $5 Footlong — But Not Everyone Is Happy

Plus, Taco Bell promotes its $1 menu, and more food news

A Subway sandwich
A Subway sandwich
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of
  • As fast-food franchises compete to offer the best deals, Subway is bringing back the $5 footlong. Subway switched to a $6 footlong promotion in 2016, which wasn’t nearly as popular. The $5 footlong — really the $4.99 footlong — is back for a limited time beginning in January. Subway franchise owners, meanwhile, are not pleased.
  • Speaking of deals, Taco Bell is promoting its new $1 value menu with ads suggesting a connection to the Illuminati... or Belluminati.
  • Olive Garden is now offering holiday gift wrapping for its to-go breadsticks. At $3.99 per half dozen, it’s surely the right gift for someone.
  • Vice writer Eve Peyser only made it to five Diet Cokes when she tried to live like Trump for a day. Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t recommend it.
  • White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ended #piegate with proof that she can bake. She gave her homemade chocolate pecan pies to the White House correspondents.
  • The team behind Wendy’s frequently scathing Twitter account did a Reddit AMA. In between the inevitable jokes, they shed some light on what it’s like behind the scenes.
  • HBO renewed Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm for a tenth season. Take a moment to review the best food moments of the series.
  • The shows from the winners of Guy’s Big Project will premiere on the Food Network this weekend. Both billed as “culinary-travel” series, one is called Eat Sleep BBQ and the other is The Grill Dads.
  • Wine glasses are seven times bigger than they were 300 years ago, and wine glasses in the UK have grown most rapidly.
  • This 3D tuna puzzle is the perfect gift for lovers of toro sushi.
  • A burning question from Extra Crispy: Why do so many people hate Panettone?