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Watch: Is a Dedicated Avocado Slicer Worth Owning?

‘Should You Do This’ takes on kitchen unitaskers for pineapples, kiwis, and avocados

This week on Should You Do This, we’re tackling unitaskers — those tools that tout saving time on mundane things like cutting an apple and making popcorn at home. Namely, we’re trying out three gadgets that claim to making cutting fruit easier, testing them out against some very simple, everyday knife work.

The basic question we’e always trying to answer is if these items are worth the cupboard space, while always considering time and quality of finished product. Pineapples, avocados, and kiwis all have a reputation for being harder to peel and enjoy than your average fruit, so could these inventions be a legitimate solution?

If you don’t interact with these fruits as regularly as, say, bananas and apples, is it actually worth it to spend money on a gadget that promises to save you time? Watch to find out.

An earlier version of this post noted that Alton Brown was a fan of unitaskers, when he in fact has dedicated 20 years to railing against them.

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