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April Bloomfield Is in LA Now

From the Editor: There’s a lot going on.

Chef April Bloomfield
Photo by Daniel Krieger / Eater NY

This post originally appeared on December 9, 2017, in Amanda Kludt’s newsletter “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world each week. Read the archives and subscribe now.

With everything going on in my life (did you know Vox might get an editorial union?) and the world at large (here's just one of many horrific stories this week), I almost forgot that I need to hurry up and a) choose holiday gifts for my friends and loved ones, and b) write some checks to some charities before the end of 2017.

The last one first: You probably have a good sense of where you like to give money and how much to give. When I was young, my goal was one percent of my income (I was working at Friendly’s then). Some religious folks tithe ten percent over to their place of worship. These days I fall somewhere between those numbers. Some food charities I like: World Central Kitchen, Hot Bread Kitchen, Wellness in the Schools, ROC Action, Food Bank for New York City. Here’s an even more complete list. I don’t want to get yelled at for my non-food ones, so I’ll just link them here, here, and here.

Next: Gifts! I touted our Eater Gift Guide (and the Gift Guide newsletter) in my last newsletter, so I’ll just recommend two of my personal favorite gifts that didn’t make it into the guide — both of which a coworker deemed “too pretentious for normal people.” First: a big bag of oysters! Next: pineapples direct from Hawaiʻi! Find me a person who wouldn’t delight in a box of overpriced pineapples from an island far away, and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t know how to live.

Openings of the Week: DaDong and the Hearth & Hound

Peking duck at DaDong
Roast Duck from DaDong
Photo by Gary He

DaDong: A high-end roast duck chain from China that people are incredibly excited about. It opened December 8 in a 17,500-square-foot space in Midtown, New York, and is already booked through February.

Main dining room at Hearth & Hound, Hollywood
Photography by Wonho Frank Lee

The Hearth & Hound: Chef April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman’s first LA restaurant, which also opened on December 8. There, she’ll serve seasonal vegetables, fish, game meats, and whole animals cooked over an actual hearth in the center of the renovated dining room.

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Korean hodu-gwaja

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