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Watch: How Your Favorite Torch-Glazed Holiday Ham Is Made

Visiting Dearborn Brand on 'The Process'

Dearborn Brand — a meat wholesaler based in its namesake Michigan city — specializes in the sliced hams synonymous with holiday dinner spreads. There’s glazed and traditional, but it’s the torch-glazed variety that amounts to a production of up to 6,000 every day during the holidays.

In this episode of The Process, a look at the factory line at Dearborn Brand, and how some of the over 100,000 spiral hams that go out each year are made. Both varieties are prepared the same, but where the glazed hams are each torched, the traditional ham goes directly into a smoked thats powered by hickory chips. All hams are cooled, sliced, shrink-wrapped, and finally boxed before they can make their way to the dinner table.

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