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Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for the Netherlands

There’s one new three-starred restaurant this year

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A dish at Inter Scaldes, a new three-starred restaurant in The Netherlands
Photo: Jannis Brevet / Facebook
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Michelin, the French tire company that also sells international dining guides, ends this year’s star announcements with its 2018 guide to the Netherlands. There’s one new three-stared restaurant on the list: Inter Scaldes, a restaurant from chef Jannis Brevet in the Dutch village Kruiningen.

According to Fine Dining Lovers, Inter Scaldes slowly made its way to the top tier of the Michelin guide. It opened in 1977 and debuted on Michelin’s list with one star. In 1984, it received a second star, and now, 34 years later, it finally gets a third, bringing The Netherlands’s three-star total to three restaurants. Like most of Michelin’s three-starred restaurants — in the Netherlands and elsewhere — Inter Scaldes serves very fancy, European food.

There are six new one-starred restaurants on the list this year, including Amsterdam restaurants Le Restaurant, which is hot again thanks to a new kitchen team, and the White Room, a new restaurant from Jacob Jan Boerma, the chef behind three-Michelin starred De Leest. There are no new two-starred restaurants this year.

Check out the full list of 108 starred restaurants below, courtesy of critic and blogger Elizabeth Auerbach:

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