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In-N-Out Is Opening 50 Locations in Colorado

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Plus, a very badly behaved drive-thru customer at McDonald’s, and more food news

burgers and fries
In-N-Out burgers and fries
Photo: Flickr / Dang Nguyen
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of
  • In-N-Out is opening 50 locations in Colorado. The California-based burger chain will also open up a beef production facility and distribution center in Colorado Springs to supply the new restaurants.
  • This is no way to behave at a McDonald’s drive-thru: A drunk driver in Sydney, Australia threatened staff and yelled “I want my fucking nuggets” after they told him the 200 McNuggets he ordered were unavailable. He walked away with 200 hash browns instead, but returned to demand a refund for 200 large fries and 200 Big Macs. He was later fined $1,000 for the incident. In court, he claimed to be vegan.
  • The Washington Post debunked five common misconceptions about Starbucks. The company isn’t so worker friendly, and it doesn’t put local coffee shops out of business.
  • Brooklyn-based Lineup Brewing, which is owned and operated by women, released Bïeryoncé for the second time. The Beyoncé-inspired beer, first released in October 2016, is a German-style pilsner.

Tonight’s release was brilliant! Cannot wait for Saturday at @beerkarma.bstc photo by: @grassowhat

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  • The Whole Foods cookie bar is 50 percent off now through Monday for “National Cookie Day.”
  • In other Cookie Day news, mall chain Cinnabon will sell a cinnamon bun-cookie mashup starting December 4 and for a limited time. “Cookie BonBites” are mini cinnamon rolls with a chocolate chip cookie crust.
  • Cookbook author and the best thing about Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, celebrated her birthday with a Pan-Am Airlines theme. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended.
  • Jim Beam is selling an Alexa-like smart decanter that pours shots on voice command.
  • Congrats are in order for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: He broke his fifth Guinness World Record by toppling 3,000 cereal boxes like dominoes. Johnson and his production company beat the record set just a day earlier by a group of Long Island high school students. They knocked down 2,866 cereal boxes.
  • Nightclub 1Oak is opening a 9,000-square-foot club in Dubai. It joins 1Oaks in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.
  • “Pepsi Lobster,” a lobster with the Pepsi logo mysteriously “tattooed” on one of its claws, is baffling scientists.
  • Maya Okada Erickson, pastry chef at Portland restaurant Langbaan, details her struggles as a chef with an eating disorder in Taste.
  • Civil Eats has a list of the best books food and farming books to buy this holiday season.
  • And, for a moment of zen, here’s New York chef Gabrielle Hamilton on Baked Alaska: “Baked Alaska is a simple ice-cream cake, but with the tension of a good novel (will the delicate protagonist — the ice cream — survive the flames?) and the beauty of a poem.”