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Watch: This Dallas Gas Station Serves Late-Night Tacos

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‘Cult Following’ heads to 24-hour taco stand Fuel City

For every late-night, drunken craving that’s satisfied, there’s a handful of poor intoxicated souls who have to settle down with whatever is in their pantry when they get home. In the Dallas area, it’s a shame to feed your craving with anything other than the tacos from Fuel City.

In this episode, Cult Following takes the 428A exit on I-35, where Fuel City’s surrounding livestock and glowing “Where dreams come true” neon are the bellwether for cheap and delicious tacos. But it’s not just the late night revelers, Fuel City’s morning, afternoon, and late-night shifts are all equally busy, dishing out around 1,500 tacos each shift. The claims to make dreams come true probably come from Fuel City’s equal focus on its other menu offerings: burritos, quesadillas, elote, and cheap beer.

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