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Wendy’s Expands Its Delivery Service to 2,500 More Locations

Plus other food news to know

[Photo: Chris Potter/Flickr]
Time to order more frosties!
Chris Potter/Flickr
  • Wendy’s is the next fast food restaurant to join the delivery rush. The chain plans to expand delivery to 48 markets and 2,500 locations by the end of 2017 through its partnership with Door Dash after seeing much success in beta-test sites Columbus, Ohio and Dallas, Texas. More on-demand Frosties, please!
  • Pepsi releases two unusual flavors: a salted caramel in America and a limited-edition Christmas cola in Japan. The Christmas cola is supposed to taste like cake with whipped cream and strawberries while a salted caramel one tastes exactly what it says. Are these flavors necessary? No. Are they interesting enough to try at least once? Yes.
  • Barilla continues to test out new pasta shapes using a 3D printer. Some of the out-of-the-box shapes include pasta galaxy and pasta basket.
  • Mike D’Antoni, the reigning NBA’s Coach of the Year, admits that he is obsessed with Starbucks even though he doesn’t really like coffee. His go-to order is a venti sugar-free vanilla latte.
  • For those who love going to Starbucks to build their mug cup collections, get ready for some smart mugs. The store now will sell an $80 ceramic mug that keeps beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop through its smart technology.
  • Speaking of Starbucks, Japan has the most beautiful Starbucks stores in the world:
  • Postmates launches grocery delivery today in SF, LA, and New York. Called Postmates Fresh, it costs $3.99 per delivery or $9.99 a month, which is quite a bit cheaper than Amazon's grocery delivery service.
  • The Migrant Kitchen, the Emmy-winning series that explores Los Angeles’ food scene through stories of immigrants, premiered its first episode of the new season last night. This documentary has gotten much praise for telling stories of first-generation immigrants who brought their home cultures to LA’s dining scene, and the second season focuses on their second-generation people who redefine the cuisine. Catch the full first episode of season two here.
  • Everyone believes that movie theater popcorn tastes like butter, but it’s actually not — it’s a bunch of other oils.
  • Eddie Huang, a popular chef and restaurateur, shares his deeply personal story about being sexually assaulted on a church ski trip as a teenager by a chaperone.
  • José Andrés, a culinary hero, hung out with a theater hero Lin-Manuel Miranda in Puerto Rico.

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