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Nutella Changes Its Recipe, Internet Predictably Freaks Out

Plus, Google actually served its emoji cheeseburger, and more food news to know

Elena Aquila/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images
  • Nutella, the cultishly beloved hazelnut spread, has changed its recipe to include more sugar and milk (and presumably less cocoa). Predictably, fans are not happy.
  • KFC has brilliantly rewarded the guy who first spotted its since-gone-viral Twitter stunt of following just five Herbs and six Spices: The brand sent the South Dakota-based superfan a pretty epic portrait featuring his likeness... riding Colonel Sanders on piggyback.
  • Google LOLs at itself by serving a cheeseburger that looks like its controversial emoji — aka, with the cheese underneath the beef patty.
  • The next #brand to get in on the #merch game: Salad dressing purveyors Hidden Valley Ranch.
  • Yelps is cracking down on business owners who solicit positive reviews.
  • Blue Apron’s stock price continues to hit new lows.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda recently stopped by chef José Andrés’s kitchen operations in Puerto Rico. Miranda is currently in Puerto Rico filming a segment for CBS News; he and Andrés have engaged in a public love fest ever since the chef amped up landed on the island to spearhead Hurricane Maria relief efforts:

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