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Watch: 180-Day Dry-Aged Steak at New York’s Oldest Restaurant

‘The Meat Show’ samples what might be the best steak Delmonico's has ever served

Delmonico’s is a frequent stop on The Meat Show: After all, it’s New York’s oldest restaurant and a classic steakhouse. Most recently, host Nick Solares stopped by the famed restaurant to taste a 90-day dry-aged ribeye — a cut of meat that was at the halfway point of aging for Delmonico’s 180-day ribeye, in honor of the restaurant’s 180 anniversary.

Three months later, the anniversary steak is ready. As Solares digs in, he finds one of the “beefiest tasting pieces of meat” he’s ever eaten, a rare superlative for meat that has undergone such a lengthy aging. Flavors are reminiscent of parmesan and blue cheese, and its texture recalls chicken more than rib steak. It’s the best steak Solares has had in his many visits to Delmonico’s, and fitting of the restaurant’s 180-year legacy.

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