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SNL Makes Wine to Drink While Watching SNL

The bottles are inspired by three characters from the hit show

The Californians

Drinking wine and watching Saturday Night Live are activities that go hand in hand together. So it makes perfect sense that the creators of the longest-running sketch show on television are now releasing their own brand of booze.

SNL/Lot 18

Three of these bottles are named after popular characters from the show: Debbie Downer South Eastern Australian Chardonnay ($20), Stefon Beaujolais ($18), and the Californians Monterey County Merlot ($20). Those are all great sketches to name wines after, but it’s a shame that the Hot Tub Love-ahs don’t have their own bottle (or bota bag). It’s also slightly surprising that the Californians are associated with a Central Coast merlot and not a sparkling white, and that Stefon is helping hawk beaujolais, since he’s really more of a vodka and Red Bull kind of guy.

These three character-themed wines plus the SNL California Red Blend ($20) are available for purchase on Lot 18.

SNL Wines [Lot 18]
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