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Anthony Bourdain Visits Puerto Rico on ‘Parts Unknown’ This Week

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The episode was filmed several months before Hurricane Maria made landfall

Several months before Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Anthony Bourdain filmed an episode of his CNN show, Parts Unknown, in the U.S. territory. The episode airs this week.

In the wake of the natural disaster, Zero Point Zero Production has added a new cold opening, showing footage of storm damage with Bourdain narrating. “So now we have to ask ourselves, can the island ever rebuild?” the host says. “And what is our responsibility, as Americans, in making that a reality?”

Once the original episode begins, Bourdain examines the economic crisis that had hit Puerto Rico before Maria, and he celebrates its rich musical culture and cuisine, sampling a variety of seafood, roasted pork, and other dishes that classify as “grandma food.” The scenes serve as a reminder of what must be recovered in the coming months and years.

The following message will be displayed coming back from each commercial break: “For ways you can help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and elsewhere, go to” The website offers footage and information about Hurricane Maria and other recent natural disasters and tragedies, and it includes options for donating aid in the form of time, money, and resources.

Parts Unknown: Puerto Rico airs at 9 p.m. this Sunday, November 5, on CNN. Immediately following the East Coast premiere, stop by Eater’s Facebook page for a live discussion of the episode.

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