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‘Guy’s Big Project’ Shows Fieri Imparting His Flavortown Wisdom on His Students

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A master class in donkey sauce

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Guy Fieri has spent a lot of time over the last decade rolling around the country in his big red Camaro searching for the tastiest calorie bombs America has to offer. He’s logged countless hours of screen time on the Food Network, turned hundreds of chefs and restaurateurs into hometown heroes, and coined more than a few catchphrases along the way. And now, the frosty-tipped chimichanga whisperer is about to shift gears from TV star to TV mentor on his new show Guy’s Big Project.

Guy with his 10 new pals
Food Network

On this program — which premieres this Sunday, November 5 on the Food Network — Fieri will teach 10 television hopefuls from around the country about the art of talking to sandwiches, shoving absurdly large burgers into their mouths, and making every inch of tape count. Like every other Fieri endeavor, this show promises a colorful parade of junk food mash-ups.

It sounds like a lot of the drama will involve the would-be Food Network hosts overcoming stage freight. Fieri tells Entrepreneur:

For most people, the toughest moment is every moment that the camera gets pointed in their direction. Kinda like a lion is pre-programmed to chase a gazelle, something in human DNA causes people to freeze up the second a camera is put in their face. So, we had to work on that with the prospects and some came around to it more naturally than others. I tried to get them to realize that as soon as they stopped worrying about it and acted like themselves, they’d be all the better for it.

The Spiky One vows to keep helping these upstart food personalities after the show is off the air. “I’ve been in touch with each person and will hold them accountable to implement what they learned,” Fieri explains. “If they want to stick with it, I’ll be there for them.” Guy actually got his TV start on a similar program — The Next Food Network Star — way back in 2006, so now, his slammajammin’ showbiz journey is coming full circle.

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