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Watch: Do You Need a Mac and Cheese Maker?

‘You Can Do This’ pits the gadget against a pot of boiling water

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At first look, that little contraption with the words “Mac & Cheese Nation” on it looks like a cross between an electric kettle and a children’s toy. And so it’s posing a question: Is this hideous device, despite the fact that it may save you time on your next bowl of mac and cheese, worth having at home where visitors could see it? Does it reign supreme to just a pot of boiling water?

We’ll start our theory with bringing water to a boil, a process that’s three minutes shorter when using the mac and cheese maker. There do seem to be some downsides to the maker: It’s plastic and a little flimsy, so longevity isn’t a selling point; and the crank system is rendered useless while the pouring spout on top is being used. But if you’re an avid mac and cheese chef, maybe you need a little more research to decide if this is something you should actually buy.

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