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Watch: Fans Crowdsourced $22K to Save This Atlanta Lunch Counter

‘Cult Following’ visits Little’s Food Store in Cabbagetown

Ask anyone around you and they can easily name a restaurant that, for them, is the embodiment of nostalgia. If you’re going to ask residents of Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood, you’ll definitely hear about Little’s Food Store and all its offerings.

Little’s is the first stop on Cult Following’s Atlanta trek — a neighborhood grocery and lunch counter that first opened in 1929 by the Little family. Currently the shop is run by owners Brad and Nina Cunard, who witnessed just how dedicated the Little’s following was when the shop faced closing due to building renovations. But trusty fans pulled together, and helped the Cunards raise over $22,000 to keep the legacy going. With a relatively new lineup of burgers, hot dogs, and spicy chili, it’s no wonder the neighborhood wants to keep Little’s around forever.

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