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Google Caves, Rearranges Cheese Placement on Its Burger Emoji

It is now on top of the beef

a shake shack shackburger
Google’s new burger emoji for Android looks a lot like a Shake Shack burger.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

After hearing the cry of cheeseburger enthusiasts everywhere, Google has changed its recipe. The burger emoji for Google’s Android mobile operating system now depicts cheese on top of the beef patty.

Google’s new burger emoji.
The new emoji.

In earlier versions of Android, the burger emoji showed cheese below the beef, directly on top of the bottom bun. The change comes to smartphones and tablets with the new Android 8.1 update, per Emojipedia.

Last month, the internet worked itself into a frenzy upon discovery of Google’s cheese placement. Many self-professed burger experts declared Google to be out of its mind, and that Apple, with the cheese on top of the beef in its emoji for iOS, had a better understanding of burger assembly. But, there were some who came to Google’s defense. Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful, a podcast that often tackles better ways to cook and eat common foods, is 100 percent a cheese-on-the-bottom kind of guy.

Initially, it seemed as if Google would lean in to its choice of cheese placement: The company served a cheese-on-the-bottom “Android burger” to employees earlier this month, as The Verge notes. Now, however, Google chief executive officer Sundar Pichai has apparently decided to ignore Pashman’s advice.

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