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Watch: Baking Beautiful Trays of Nutty Baklava

‘The Process’ heads to Michigan for Middle Eastern sweets

Dearborn, Michigan bakery Shatila boasts the slogan “Sweets from the Middle East, from the heart of the Midwest,” fitting since it provides baklava, kashta, ma’amoul, and more to nearly every corner of the world, including India and Sweden. Shatila started as a small bakery in 1979 with a handful of employees before eventually becoming what it is today: a giant facility that turns out 1,000 trays of baklava per day. It triples production around the holidays.

In this episode of The Process, a look at the captivating steps it takes to create Shatila’s nutty, honey-filled baklava varieties. There’s traditional baklava, ballourie, burma (made from kataifi instead of phyllo), bird nests, and basma — semi-chopped pistachios sandwiched between layers of knafeh dough.

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