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Watch: Slurping Korean-Style Ramen Inspired by Instant Noodles

‘K-Town’ sets up shop at Jeju Noodle Bar

Koreans have a love affair with noodles, especially of the instant variety. Koreans famously package instant ramen like Shin and Nong Shim in myriad flavors, with varying degrees of spice, soup base, and noodle. Though this idea of Korean-style ramen, called ramyun, isn’t new, K-Town host Matthew Kang is visiting Jeju Noodle Bar in New York City where chef Douglas Kim is doing his spin on Korean ramen.

Chef Kim has a fine dining background, which he’s pairing with inspiration from classic Korean soups to create beautiful, elevated bowls of ramyun. Kang’s favorite is the GoChu Ramyun — a heap of noodles served with white kimchi, spicy pork belly, wood ear mushrooms, gochujang, egg, and soybean sprouts. “It’s an avalanche of flavor,” says Kang.

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