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Food Network Ruins Thanksgiving With ‘Ultimate Mac and Cheese’

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Geoffrey Zakarian is not here for this

Facebook/Food Network

On Monday, it looked like the NYT’s Brussels sprout sliders were vying for the title of Most Eye-roll Inducing Thanksgiving Recipe of 2017. But now, there is a new contender for the throne — and boy oh boy is it a doozy. Last week, the Food Network posted this clip of a recipe from The Kitchen where the co-hosts conspire to make an “ultimate mac and cheese.”

How To Make The Ultimate Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese

Feeling extra thankful for this ultimate Mac and Cheese

Posted by Food Network on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The recipe starts off pretty normal, by Food Network standards: Katie Lee makes a roux, adds some milk, tosses a little dijon mustard in there, seasons with salt, dumps in two kinds of cheese, and adds the cavatappi pasta. But at the 1:10 mark, things go off the rails when Nancy Fuller dumps in a sheet pan’s worth of roasted sprouts and winter squash. Geoffrey Zakarian is not here for this:

Food Network/Facebook

And yet, improbably, the hosts think it’s wise to keep adding stuff to their mac and cheese monster. “Every great mac and cheese needs a crunchy top,” says Jeff Mauro. And in this recipe, that brown crown comes in the form of dried cornbread stuffing, applied by Valerie Bertinelli. The finished product looks like a cafeteria potato salad that’s going through a rough divorce.

This post spawned a hilarious and very active comment thread. Here are a few choice selections:

At press time, this video has been viewed over 4.4 million times and it has racked up over 3,000 “angry” emojis.

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The Kitchen [Food Network]
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