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Watch: This Roast Pork Is One of Philly’s Best Sandwiches

‘Dining on a Dime’ heads to the iconic John’s

Philadelphia is known as the hometown of Will Smith and Boyz II Men perhaps just as much as it’s known for having a long, rich tradition of down-to-earth, blue-collar comfort foods. The cheesesteak is synonymous with these foods, but it’s the roast pork sandwich that might just better capture the spirit of Philly.

And if you want roast pork, there’s no better place to go than John’s Roast Pork, a mainstay of South Philly for nearly 90 years. It’s located in the middle of an industrial park in the neighborhood, and host Lucas Peterson’s latest stop on the Philly season of Dining on a Dime. Juicy meat slopped over tangy, sharp provolone on a expertly crusted sesame seed roll is finished with a heap of spinach in place of the usual broccoli rabe.

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