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White Castle Shares Its Slider Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Plus, America is infested with wild turkeys, and more food news

White Castle/Facebook

  • America is infested with wild turkeys, the New York Times reports: “In Boston and its suburbs, where nuisance complaints have soared in recent years, wild birds stumble into the streets in front of cars or relieve themselves in doorways. Others gaze at length at their reflections in storefront windows.”

  • Apparently, Italians are “lukewarm” about Eataly World, the new Eataly-owned Italian food theme park that opened last week in Bologna. According to Bloomberg that’s because it features all of the foods Italians grew up around and still eat today, and “they can watch pasta being made at home.” Fortunately, for the Batali-Bastianich clan tourists are already clamoring for a taste.

  • Ayesha and Steph Curry ordered everything on the menu at Chef’s Club in NYC this week. That meal ($395), by chef JJ Johnson, included: udon noodles, dumplings, tuna tartar, short ribs, scallops, jerk tamarind-glazed chicken, bao, a beet salad, and cornmeal-crusted sea bass” — among other dishes.