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Meet the NYT’s Thanksgiving Version of Pea Guacamole: Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Twitter was fast to skewer the green appetizers

Way back in 2015, the New York Times achieved some viral success on the internet by tweeting out a recipe for guacamole made with green peas. Hoo boy, people were not happy about that. The controversy surrounding the idea of putting peas in guac reached such a fever pitch that the President of the United States had to pass judgement. It appears the Times is once again thirsting for some social media buzz with a recipe posted to Twitter on Monday afternoon: Brussels sprouts sliders.

Brussels sprouts ... sliders? A lot of people might think that sounds kind of strange. And when it is recommended as “your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer,” it’s downright jarring. Thanksgiving dinner is a time for the same dishes year after year, generation after generation. This recipe originally appeared in the Times’s vegetarian Thanksgiving package in 2014, and by recommending it for America’s general meat-eating population, the Gray Lady is obviously trying to stir up some reaction. Mission accomplished.

Obviously, this posting is only helping the Times in its quest for a viral tweet. But, despite the hoopla, maybe this would actually be a good addition to the Thanksgiving menu? Roasted Brussels sprouts are good. Caramelized onions are good. Whole-grain mustard is good. Tempeh is fine — marinated in olive oil, tamari (a condiment similar to soy sauce), pressed garlic, cumin, cayenne pepper, and liquid smoke, it would probably go well with the other ingredients. This recipe is worth a try.

So, yes, perhaps Brussels sprouts sliders will be your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer. Thank you, New York Times.

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