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Watch: A New York Factory That Makes 48,000 Pierogi a Day

Making potato and cheddar pierogi on ‘The Process’

The origin story for pierogi extend to various countries in Central and Eastern Europe, where these filled dumplings are a common accompaniment to a meal. But Stanley’s Pierogi — a shop and factory in Ridgewood, Queens — is dedicated to the variety served in Poland, where pierogi is a national dish.

In this episode of The Process, a look at how Stanley’s makes some of the 48,000 pierogi it makes every day — namely its potato and cheddar variety. Other flavors at Stanley’s include potato and onion; sauerkraut and mushroom; spinach; cheese with raisins, blueberry, prune, and apple. It all starts with flour imported that’s from Poland, before the rest of the mesmerizing process unfolds.

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