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For people who like to order delivery and watch TV

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As Eater’s senior editor covering the pop culture beat, I spend all day combing through the new releases on the major streaming platforms, and talking to the people who are producing all these awesome series and films. My colleagues at Eater also keep me in the loop about the amazing developments in the world of food delivery. And at the end of every day, I am truly convinced that there has never been a better time to sit in front of your TV and eat take-out. We’re living through the Couch Potato Renaissance, and it’s a wonderful thing.

To help you keep on top of all the great stuff to watch out there, I’m launching a weekly Friday newsletter called Eat, Drink, Watch. In every installment, I’ll give you the lowdown on new things to stream for the weekend ahead, plus news and gossip about food-related film and TV projects that are in the works. Occasionally, I’ll also take a deep dive into trends of the moment, and share exclusive conversations with some of the people making the most exciting things to stream right now.

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